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Jun. 8th, 2015 | 05:39 pm

Okay, I have a few minutes to make a quick post...I was reading my post from December 28, 2012 and saw what I wrote about the drought. Those of you in Texas,or those who have been following my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/erinosmith) know that in April and May of this year, we had the most rain we have had in a very long time. In fact, May's rain was the most in history, breaking all records.  Our lakes, rivers and tanks are, for the most part, overflowing and the plant life is pretty lush right now.  Of course, it has gotten hot now that the rains have stopped, and there are tons of bugs and other critters to contend with - mosquitoes the size of airplanes, grasshoppers eating everything in sight, and of course, I cannot forget the spiders, snakes and scorpions.  Lots of them everywhere!

We are still dealing with predator issues but are hopeful that we have a solution in the works... we have ordered a game camera to try to catch of glimpse of the responsible critters and are working with a friend towards getting some Great Pyrs to act as guardians.  While I enjoy spending time with the field animals, I am getting a little bit tired of spending my nights down by the pasture. I would prefer to use that time getting something more productive done, like sleeping and using the daylight hours to do things like shearing, cutting hay, etc.

As on any farm, there are more tasks that need doing than daylight hours and the rains prevented many of us here in Texas from doing much of anything for two months.  The pastures need cutting, the animals need worming and vaccinating, and so forth.  There is a lot of superficial damage and some structures that need replacing after the straight line winds that hit us in mid May. We need to finish fencing in the second pen and move everyone over so we can reseed.  The garden needs a TON of work, as does the orchards.

For once the tank is full and may even have some fish left, so little needs to be done there, but I have a secret plot of dewberries that need picking, if I am brave enough to face the possibility of snakes, briars and bomber mosquitoes... I haven't quite decided yet if I am that brave.

I also need to make ice cream for the fire dept. fundraiser on June 13th.  4-7 pm at the Woodbury Community Center.

Speaking of the fire dept., I gotta go to a meeting. I'll post again soon!

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