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Update - May 2011

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May. 9th, 2011 | 10:41 pm

Well, the past few months have been busy ones.

This past week DH completed a nice new pen for the baby geese and ducks, who are not so little anymore at 10 weeks.  We installed a small baby wading pool but it is still to tall for them to get into comfortably. So I rigged up a ramp out of an old board and we put some big bricks in the bottom of the pool so that they can get out easily.  Then I had to teach the ducks how to use it.  This involved catching the little buggers and then placing them into the water on the bricks, holding them until they calm down from their absolute frantic panic.  Once calm, I let go and BAM! The little buggers are across the pool and out the other side, not even pausing to enjoy the water.  This we repeat - over and over.  Finally the two little cayugas get it.  They love the pool now.  But the bigger ducks are terrified of the pool still... *sigh*  This is going to take some time.

I did notice that one of the geese (Mother Goose) likes to stand in the pool but she will not swim in it yet.  One of the white crested ducks (I think it was Donald Trump) will swim in the pool AS LONG AS NO ONE WATCHES HIM. If he sees you watching, he will get out of the pool.  Who knew Donald was that shy????

The ducks and geese are not all named but we have named a few of them:  The three white geese are Mother Goose, Sister Goose, Brother Goose.   (They are actually all the same age, but I like Mother Goose.)  The ducks are not all named - just the white crested ducks who are named after Donald Trump, Don King and a friend of ours who likes to wear big hats.  (I will not reveal their name here though to spare them the embarrassment of having a duck named after them. )  Suffice to say, she probably knows who she is.

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